NL MVP Race.

With only 6 weeks to go in the MLB season there are 3 players who could make a case for the MVP award but only two who will get serious thought. They are as follows: Albert Pujols, Joey Votto, & Ryan Zimmerman.

Joey Votto: Joey Votto is starting to develop into one of the games better first basemen. He is putting together a fantastic season putting up a .323 average, .423 OBP and a .592 SLG. He’s walking 14.2% of the time but striking out 22.6% of the time. The walks are nice but it would be nice if he could cut down on the strikeouts somewhat. His ISO is .269 which is the best of his short career. Votto is having a bit of luck as his BABIP is at .358, last year it was at .372 so while it should go down I’m not sure. Votto’s wOBA is a very solid .435, even higher then last year’s .418. Is UZR is 3.5 but first base isn’t like the OF so I imagine he isn’t making any incredible plays. His WAR is a career best 5.5 and if he keeps this up and the Reds win the central he should win the MVP.

.323/.423/.592 81 RBI 28 HR 5.5 WAR

Albert Pujols: Like always Pujols is putting up fantastic numbers. He’s putting up a triple slash line of . 314/.408/.590. He’s walking at a solid rate, 13.9% of the time to be exact. He’s also only striking out 12.2% of the time, just sick. His ISO is a little down from his career norm, .276 and his career norm is at .293 but it’s still solid. His BABIP is at .299 which is the same as last year. For the people that have read my other posts you would know that this is basically neutral. His wOBA is .416 which is solid but again below his .435 average. Albert’s UZR is 1.8 which is almost 0 which would be the average so Pujols hasn’t done anything special on D. His WAR is 5.3 which is very solid but not Pujols like, he will most likely win the MVP do to his name and popularity but the Cards don’t win the central then I will question if he deserves it.

.314/.408/.590 87 RBI 31 HR 5.3 WAR

Ryan Zimmerman: While Zimmerman is having a fantastic year he will not win due to the Nationals record, nonetheless he deserves the recognition. Zimmerman’s triple slash stats are very solid he has a .304 average to go along with a .390 OBP and a .547 SLG. He is walking 12.4% of the time and striking out 19.8% of the time, both are solid numbers. His BABIP is a little high as it sits at .325 but his career BABIP is .316 so I don’t see a huge change in it during the rest of the year. He’s posting a career high in ISO, .243 to be exact which is quite solid. He has a wOBA of .401 making it the first time he’s cracked the .400 mark. Zimmerman is also having a very solid defensive year posting a 12.2 UZR. His WAR is 6.1 which is higher then both Pujols and Votto but because he’s a National he will not win this award.

.304 .390 .547 70 RBI 24 HR 6.1 WAR

Who I think should win:

1. Joey Votto

2. Albert Pujols

3. Ryan Zimmerman

Who I think will win:

1. Albert Pujols

2. Joey Votto

3. Ryan Zimmerman

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