World Series: Rotation and Bullpen

Tonight the Texas Rangers will send out C.J. Wilson to face off against Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals. Let’s take a look at each team’s rotation.

First off, the Texas Rangers.

1) C.J. Wilson 3.24 FIP, 22.5 K%, 8.1 BB%, .64 HR/9 5.9 WAR

This season C.J. Wilson was one of the games better pitchers. He can pile up the strikeouts, almost striking out 25% of the batters he sees. He doesn’t walk much either. He also does a very good job at keeping the ball in the ballpark. His 3.24 FIP was one of the better ones in the league as well.

2) Derek Holland 3.94 FIP, 19.2 K% 8.0 BB% 1 HR/9 3.6 WAR

Holland is a solid pitcher, he’s always been very good at striking people out. The thing that concerned people were the walks. His walks will probably always be high but if he can keep his strikeouts high and his FIP relatively low he should be alright.

3) Colby Lewis 4.54 FIP 20.1 K% 6.1 BB% 1.57 HR/9 2.3 WAR

Lewis is a solid pitcher, last year he was one of the games more surprising comeback stories. This year he struggled a little. His problem isn’t walking to many batters, it’s giving up the long ball. With Pujols, Berkman and Holliday playing for St. Louis those home runs problems probably won’t get solved.

4) Matt Harrison 3.52 FIP 16.3 K% 7.4 BB% .63 HR/9 4.2 WAR

Harrison finally put together a solid season for the Rangers. There really isn’t much that he did bad this season. His 3.52 FIP is solid. He’s a groundball pitcher for the most part so he doesn’t give up many home runs.


Scott Feldman 3.99 FIP 17.1 K% 7.8 BB% .84 HR/9

Alexi Ogando 3.65 FIP 18.2 K% 6.2 BB% .85 HR/9 4.4 WAR

Mike Adams 2.47 FIP 26.7 K% 5.1 BB% .61 HR/9 1.8 WAR

Neftali Feliz 3.57 FIP 21.4 K% 11.9 BB% .58 HR/9 1 WAR

The Rangers have some really good members in their bullpen, Ogando was a starter for most of the year so that’s why his numbers are so different. Adam’s K% is really nice to see but Feliz’s BB% is somewhat disturbing. Overall their bullpen is really solid.

Now, the St. Louis Cardinals

1) Chris Carpenter  3.06 FIP 19.2 K% 5.5 BB% .61 HR/9 5 WAR

Chris Carpenter is a stud. After being hurt the last two years have been really good, there’s not much to say. He’s really good.

2) Jaime Garcia 3.23 FIP 18.9 K% 6.1 BB% .69 HR/9 3.6 WAR

After coming out of nowhere last season Garcia put together another nice season. He will have a challenge versus the Rangers but he has the talent to have a good outing or two.

3) Edwin Jackson 3.55 FIP 17.2 K% 7.2 BB% .72 HR/9 3.8 WAR

He may not be the most consistent pitcher but Edwin Jackson is pretty solid. Maybe getting traded to the Cardinals and working with one of the game’s best pitching coaches in Dave Duncan helped. Who knows but posted some solid numbers this season.

4) Kyle Lohse 3.67 FIP 14.3 K% 5.4 BB% .76 HR/9 2.5 WAR

Lohse is a nice pitcher in his own right. He isn’t a star but he does some good things. His 3.67 FIP is solid and he doesn’t give up home runs. Assuming he’s the fourth pitcher in their rotation that’s really good.


Octavio Dotel: 3.23 FIP 28.4 K% 7.8 BB% 1 HR/9 .9 WAR

Mitchel Boggs: 3.44 FIP 18.5 K% 8.1 BB% .59 HR/9 .3 WAR

Jake Westbrook: 4.25 FIP 12.9 K% 9 BB% .79 HR/9 1.1 WAR

Fernando Salas: 3.16 FIP 25.4 K% 7.1 BB% .84 HR/9 1 WAR

Salas had a very good season, striking out over 25% of the batters he faced. Dotel has been amazing this postseason and had a good regular season. I didn’t post everyone in the bullpen but they do have a solid one.

Overall, I’d take the Cardinals rotation. The deciding factor was Lohse and Lewis for me. Lohse had the better FIP  and he was better overall but if the Cardinals want to win the World Series their rotation will have to do much better then they did last series.

I’d take Texas’ bullpen over St. Louis because it’s deeper in my opinion and has better options.

Stay tuned for my final overall evaluation!

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2 Responses to World Series: Rotation and Bullpen

  1. Disco says:

    Garcia didn’t come out of nowhere. He was a good prospect

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